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The Arty Cat

About Me


My art training began in my home town of Middlesbrough in the North East of England where I studied Art and Design from 1993 to 1996, during which I specialized for a year in surface design.  I then went to Carlisle to study for a degree in Design Crafts from 1996 to 1999, specializing in printed textiles. Currently I live and work in the Isle of Wight, which is where I am based as an artist.


 Ideas and Interests

If you don’t want anybody to know anything about you, don’t write a song. I read this quote somewhere by another artist. I think it also describes how a piece of art can reveal a person’s personality.  I’m a naturally shy person and always find it difficult if I am put on the spot, such as when asked to describe my work. My true personality is shown in my paintings


When I was a child, I always believed that the world was a wonderful place to be in and wanted to see and visit as many places as I could.  However the reality is that the world can be a place where the innocent pay the heaviest price. This affects me deeply and is something I find difficult to ignore. Quite often this feeling of innocence and simplicity is depicted in my art


 However I will leave it to you to look at my paintings and choose what you would like to see, innocence or malevolence – the good or the evil! Look at the cats. To me they sometimes look very mischievous and at other times evil. However, at first glance, the impression they exude is optimism. You can choose to see these paintings any way you like; it doesn’t matter so long as you see something and connect with it. You get the most from a painting if it connects with you. When you look at an abstract painting, you can see nothing or you can see it all – it’s either for you or it isn’t! For me this simple philosophy sums up what is art and what is not – you either like it or you don’t! My paintings are from my soul and I hope, honest


  About the art works

The art works range from oils, acrylics and watercolours. The art that I have brought together have reflects my passion and abiding interest in the natural world, this includes nature and animals, both domesticated and the wild creatures of my local woods. I have a deep love wildlife and the land. I often try to capture both my love of nature and the characters of each animal, woodland creature, bird or a garden visitor.


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